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Alfredo Campitelli

Kreator - Techinik eletronik

Denise da Cruz
Architektin- Designerin

Marcel Rüdisüli
Verkaufsleiter - Mauren

Athius da Cruz


The association's activities have been started on 1 January 2016.

On Today's Date Mrs. da Cruz Campitelli, Mr. Alfredo Campitelli and Mr Athius da Cruz Mendes, they met in the headquarters of the Green Time club together to determine the establishment of the "Green Time eV"


The members will be:

Denise, she will detect the applications, where the new principles, of homes, offices, and public can be applied/ used and/or distributed to the other members. The results are also used to further development of the association research.

Athius will create a new site in order to procure new sympathizers, who desire actively participate or support club’s activities. Through organization of information meetings new Patrons for the club, should be also achieved, to supplement the necessary instrumentation, materials and /or new purchase.

Alfredo will coordinate the whole activity and play an active research role as far, he will publish the information useful for Energy Harvesting Methods to reach new members or sympathizers to club.

Alfredo, Denise and Athius are the board members. Alfredo Campitelli as president, Denise Da Cruz as Vice President and Athius da C Mendes elected as treasurer are unanimously with applause for two years..

Finally, it was decided:

That being the matter of the team very large, only topics allowed by the member’s capacity and which the Internal Commission feels appropriates and useful for the club, it will be accepted.

Confidential or discretion sensitive matters may not be published on the public domain pages of club's site.

All published on the Site are under responsibility of people which publishes it. The Green Time doesn’t have control of published matters, which are all intended as public domain and merely informative. Green Time does not respond for the accuracy of information, the participants may give.

Mauren 28, December 2015

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